Foto: Melli & Shayne

Min & Mike

Internationale freie Trauung in München
Foto: Melli & Shayne

Thank you Morten for providing us with an exceptionally beautiful, captivating and perfectly balanced wedding service!

We had a perfect time on our wedding day, it was truly a day we will always remember with great fondness and your ceremony had contributed greatly to our happy memories.

Your speech was exactly matching our style and we are so thankful for the time and thoughtfulness you put into your stories that really brought to life the love we have for each other.

All of our guests agree that you did an amazing ceremony. Morten went above and beyond our expectations at every stage of the Officiant process, he is very professional and incredibly dedicated to his customers. We can highly recommend him as an Officiant and are very thankful we had the chance to meet him.

Best wishes, Mike & Min